Seeing Ourselves Through Technology Chapter 2

Filters have become a big part of our reality And have continued to grow over the year and people have been filtering there food when taking pics and even when they’re taking selfies they’d even filter there face chapter two of “seeing ourselves through technology” explains a lot about filters.

Filters are now a big part of social media and it’s allowed people to change something about themselves that they might not like or even just to make the picture brighter or old fashion filters are now just common things Emails Images and newsfeed are things being filtered all the time. Filters aren’t just used in social media it can be used in the real world like a cigarette or even a coffee filter.

I’d say that what marwick argued about how those who filter photos are focused on self improvement. Then usually some tend to end up successfully of social media and end up getting a lot of followers on Twitter and even get filtered all over others timelines on Facebook is true. I’ve seen it happen with people I don’t even follow end up on my timeline. I agree that adding filters can change a lot of people’s perspective on things.

When Jill Rettberg started talking about filters going beyond social media it really got my attention. She talked about how many photojournalist for mainstream media have started to use filters and smartphones in their work. I thought it was great that some people did this to me it meant that times have really changed and that social media was evolving and that people were using filters for their jobs.

Filters really have become a big part of our reality’s and I hope it continues to improve technology improves everyday and we improve with it as human beings.


Main Idea and key terms

Main Idea- how the blogging community is growing and will probably take over media sources.

Community- the people online using blogs are considered a group of people.

Blogosphere- a large online group who use blogs on a weely basis.

traditional media sources- online news services used to tell people things going on in the world.

weblogs- a blog that gets used online for personal or other reasons to write about anything you want.



The Blogging Iceberg “summary”

In 2003 a survey called The Blogging Iceberg was conducted by The Perseus Development Company to see how rapid the blogging community was growing. When they started the research they found that two-thirds of public weblogs were not being updated and were then considered abandoned. Then they went on to find out that the typical blog was run by teenage girls who were updating it for their friends and family to see how their lives were going. They then go on to find out that some people see the blogosphere as a community and they went to argue that how can it be called community if its run by individuals. Benedict Anderson went on to talk about all “communities larger then primordial villages of face to face contact are imagined”. The blogosphere depends mostly on traditional media sources for huge breaking news and for costly investigative reporting. The article then talked about how the blogging community is going to get bigger and bigger.

The Blogging Iceberg Reflection

The Blogging Iceberg was a survey made by the Perseus development company in 2003, and I found it to be interesting in what they said about the blogosphere isn’t a community because of how blogs are individual. I thought that they made great points about how the bottom half of the iceberg was a metaphor for how some people used their blogs once and never used it again I thought that was interest because that’s going to be me after the class is done and the blog isn’t going to get used anymore. When they talked about how most blogs are run by typical teenage girls and I instantly agreed because that was how I thought of blogs before I started using them. This article was great because they told us what happens after people quit blogs


I decided to go with creative common for my license since i thought it was the easiest one to do. it took me about 3 minutes to put it on my block all i had to do was copy and paste it to my blog and it already tells you to want you can and can’t post from my block and I think that’s really nice. I’m excited to see if anyone expands on my work I think it would be really cool.

main Idea and key terms

Main Idea- the main idea was basically how blogging was different throughout time and how blogging is used today.

Self-Representation- how we see ourselves through writing or a picture on social media.

Quantitative Representation- Is tracking and writing down data Like someone in jail tallying how many days they’ve been there.

Social media- you can write and post pictures online and many people can see such as friends family and even strangers.

Lurker- people watching other peoples post or pictures and not saying anything or liking the post.



chapter 1 starts talking about 3 different modes of self-representation which are, written, visual, and quantitative. they talk about how people write about themselves and how Augustine confession was recognized as the first autobiography and how writing about yourself wasn’t something you do in the sixteenth century. self-portraits were fashionable collector’s items in the twentieth century and how the artist starting drawing their own bodies in their own portraits and nowadays people can just pull out their phones and take a pic. the quantities of self-representation are how humans can track data and write it down it even talked about how a prisoner scratching tally marks on the wall as each day goes by is a form of a quantitative diary. The chapter talks about social media and how it’s about communication with others and how just taking a picture and posting it online is a form of self-representation.